2011 Acts of Kindness

Have you ever experienced an unexpected act of kindness?  Whether you’re the recipient, the initiator or an uninvolved bystander, these actions warm the heart and are quite contagious.  Let’s see if we can capture this feeling on a blog.

The goal is to log 1,000 acts of kindness during the month of December.  Click on the comments link to the left here and share something nice you did, someone did for you, you observed or simply to be inspired by the stories of others.  Enjoy!  

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145 responses to “2011 Acts of Kindness”

  1. student at DV says :

    A 8th grader showed me the ropes to a new class. Thanx!! 🙂

  2. Debbie Mullins says :

    A group of Clayton and Concord Citizens got together and gave of their time and energy to help out another friend who was in financial and spiritual need. They held a two-day fundraiser selling sewing material and supplies, crafts, sewing books, sewing machines, notions, quilts, etc. After the two-day sale, everything that was not sold and left over was donated to the Salvation Army, Christmas for Everyone and a couple of other local charity groups. The group worked two weeks prior to the sale organizing everything. The “mastermind” and “coordinator” behind the event was City Councilwoman Julie Pierce. Julie spent months working on the project before she even got others involved. Other helpers who deserve recognition are: Steve Pierce, Cynthia Allen, Cindy Benner, Dana Diaz, Karen Drellich, Jan Driscoll, Katherine Fogelman and Hazel, Howard Geller, Cathie Gernhardt, Kathy Gray, Lynn Hadley, Cecilia Hartley, Cindy Haydon, Pete Laurence, Joanne Marnell, Al & Renee Martin, Dorothy Miller, Debbie Mullins, Glenna Nickerson, Linda Pinder, Bob & Sarah Rodenburg, Sheila Rowntree, Kathy and John Rummel, Ted Sudderth, Betty Walker, Cynthia Wheeler, and the Contra Costa County Farm Bureau Board of Directors who donated the space where the sale was held. Thanks to everyone who helped make their friend’s life a bit easier and happier.

  3. Pearl says :

    My dad broke his knee and is having a hard time getting around. It is VERY hard for him to even get food at McDonald’s since he doesn’t like the drive-through. While shopping, he can’t carry anything since he has to use both hands on his crutches. (Thanks COSTCO, for having those handicap shopping carts that you sit in) I never realized how hard it is for a disabled person to get around. He even has a hard time getting up and down the stairs at home, the poor thing. To make things harder, he just had surgery and if he jostles his leg or moves it the wrong way, it hurts. A LOT.

    Even a small thing such as holding a door open makes it so much easier for someone who is disabled- whether on crutches or wheelchair- to get around.

    I would like to thank the McDonald’s lady for helping carry his tray to his table, and refilling his drink. I would like to thank all those shopping places for being considerate and helping him take his groceries to the car. I would like to thank those who help the disabled people out there; they are the same as you and me and they appreciate your kindness.

  4. A thankful 8th grader says :

    Around the beginning of the year, I met a girl in the 6th grade who has P.E. the same time I do. She is really nice, and we talk almost every day in the locker room. She is always complementing my friends and me, and I really appreciate it. I want to thank her for being so kind and bringing up my self confidence every day.

  5. Jeanne Boyd says :

    On January 25 in the evening three men, neighborhood walkers came to my husband’s aid when our dog pulled him off his feet and he hit his head on the street. One called 911 immediately, another one came to my door asking for towels to help stop the bleeding on this man’s head, not knowing it was my husband. The third man went after the dog. The next day Mots, one of the men came by to check on my husband. Then a few days later I called Mots to see if they had seen my husband’s eye glasses, Eric happened to be there, so he came down and searched the area and found the glasses. All three of these men went out of their way to be kind and helpful. They are very much appreciated!

  6. Emily O says :

    The other day ; I saaw my friend crying , I gave her a *big* hug && helped her through the day 🙂

  7. Mrs. T says :

    My birthday was the other day and my students at Diablo View went out of their way to wish me happy birthday in many sincere ways. I truly felt appreciated and loved. They have no idea how much I needed that! Thanks a bunch!

  8. someone else says :

    During the Christmas mass I attended, there was a pianist (a boy about 14 or 15) sitting in front of us. In the middle of the mass, a little boy the pianist didn’t know ran up to hgim and gave him a LEGO Jesus. The pianist blushed, and put it on his piano. He looked at the little boys mom, thanking her, and she beamed in response. Later, I saw him slip it into his shirt pocket, and he smiled for the rest of the hour-long mass. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and a pretty darn nice one, too!!!

  9. someone says :

    Today, at church, we (my dad, my sister, and I) couldn’t find a seat, so we squished in on the end on one pew. Then this random guy tapped my dad on the shoulder and offered him his seat and the other seat next to him. We thanked him, and sat there. Later, I wanted to thank him again, but when I turned to look at him, he was gone.

  10. Emily O(; says :

    Today i was having some trouble with my math homework , &&’ Mrs Parker helped me understand it 🙂 Thanks

  11. Maya S. says :

    This last weekend me and my family went to take my grandma out to the movies and lunch because she doesn’t get out of the house that much. It was so nice to see her happy with her granddaughters and daughters! (:

  12. Maya S. says :

    My neighbor was going through a hard time with family issues so this Christmas I have her two gifts to make her Christmas a little bit brighter!

  13. Maya S. says :

    When I was at my friends house I noticed some screaming in the front of the house, so we went outside and it turned out that her dog got off the leash and she was looking for her dog. So me and my two friends helped the lady to find her dog, Gracie.

  14. megankommer says :

    We went to McDonalds for lunch today and my girls asked the homeless people on the street corner if they wanted something. I think the girls enoyed delivering those cheeseburgers more than opening their Christmas presents!

  15. Shoe says :

    A adoption friend of ours who went with us when we adopted one of our children has adopted her 8th child, most with medical issues. She is my hero as we could not do what she and her husband are doing. God Bless them!

  16. amuddero says :

    my dear friend and neighbor who listened to me patiently over the past few months during a time of struggle. You’ll never know how much your ear and advice meant to me, even though you got nothing in return. Unselfish kindness!

  17. Hannah K. says :

    My sister and I went to Safeway today to get sandwiches, and I went to the Starbucks there. I wanted something but was five cents short. She gave me a dollar and said keep the change. Later I was selling chocolate and she bought two. The first she got was caramel, and I asked if she wanted another caramel. She said I don’t know, it’s yours. Thanks Molly I love you!!!

  18. Pam says :

    Neighbor gave me homemade fudge.

  19. suz schof says :

    thank you to all of our vetrans fighting for our freedom!

  20. Cw Wolfe says :

    Gave all of our postal workers gift cards.

  21. That was nice says :

    Thank you to the Clayton Valley Concord Sunrise Rotary Club for inviting four CVHS Interact Club students to breakfast and then giving the club a generous donation.

  22. Squirrel says :

    A friend invited me and my kids over for homemade waffles, quiche, bacon, scones, raspberries, chocolate chips and three kinds of whipped cream. Wow!

    Thank you.

  23. Rebecca Duncan says :

    Mr. Brady, Vice Pricipal at Ygnacio Valley High School, has been instrumental in my daughters life. We have moved alot over the years and my daughter started her freshman year at YVHS this year. She has an I.E.P. and Mr. Brady has made sure that all is well for her. He even goes out of his way to approach my car when I am there to pick her up, leaning in my window to ask if everything is going all right ofr my daughter. Never before have we encountered someone taking her I.E.P. so seriously!! As a result, not only is my daughter enjoying school more than ever before but she has recieved the highest grades in her school history, placing her on the honor roll with a 3.4!! “We Love you , Mr. Brady!!”

  24. Makaella C. says :

    Last Friday at Mt.Diablo Elementry School, a little buddy’s shoe got untied and a big buddy tied it.

  25. Theresa Bragg says :

    Today was a double header day for kindness. While at the Post Office I was not prepared with tape for the box I purchased. Instead of going all the way home the lady in front of me offered me her tape and saved me a trip. Thanks for doing the right thing.

    At Safeway a car was waiting patiently for a parking spot when another car jumped right in and took it. When he realized what had happened he politely tipped his hat and pulled his car out. Great consideration.

  26. kayla_c. says :

    When my parents ask me to do things, esspecialy ones i dread :), i do them. i do them because they are my parents and they would do absolutely anything for my sister and i, Arent parents amazing sometimes? 🙂

  27. Lois says :

    My children and I are in New York this week. In the span of about an hour, they witnessed people of various walks of life that they don’t usually see in our community. After viewing the 9-11 memorial, we headed to the subway. On the way there, they saw a man with a cat on his head. He was asking for money to help feed his cat and my son, Charlie, opened up his wallet and took out his spending money that his grandma had given him to buy himself something while on vacation. On the subway we were treated to some Christmas carols by a man playing an accordian, as he passed, a mother with a baby in her arms followed with a hat out. Again he opened his wallet and passed on some of his spending money. Then at the next station a man came on carrying sandwiches that he said were available to anyone who was hungry, you didnt have to be homeless, just hungry, and he added, if you weren’t hungry, to please help him feed the hungry by giving of your spare change. Our came Charlie’s wallet. A few more stops and on came a woman who announced that she had MS and was raising a 12 year old daughter. Out came my 12 year old sons wallet. He had less money to spend on himself, and I decided that I would treat him to his next coffee drink at the next Starbucks we went to. For the price of a cup of coffee, my 12 year old was kind to 4 strangers on a subway and a cat on the streets of New York City. Lois Clayton, CA

  28. Claire Farias says :

    On Dec. 17th, we went Christmas caroling at 2 nursing homes and 2 shut – ins’ homes in Concord.

    Claire, 6th grade, Diablo View

  29. Zabi Z says :

    Last Week I was in Mrs. Parkers class and i had lost my g-shock in PE around passing periods when a boy called Cameron Martin came and returnd the watch i was so happy he found it thanks cameron

  30. Celine says :

    I have to say, I have the best sister in the world. My little 11 year old sister Karla. She always makes my cloudy days sunnier, and life fantastic. She makes me giggle every time when we are doing serious shopping at Safeway, always there for me when I need someone to listen to my problems, or to inspire me to go do crazy things. She is truly the kindness this holiday season, and every single day of the year. I love you sis! ❤
    Love your older sister,
    ~ Celine

  31. poet says :

    There was a nice helpful Target cashier,
    Who was smiling from ear to ear,
    He was so enthusiastic,
    When he asked “paper, or plastic?”
    He should have been employee of the year.

  32. just another person says :

    When I went to church today, a random nice lady told me I looked very pretty.

  33. In Nevada... says :

    My Clayton neighbor is checking my porch for Christmas packages and grabbing my mail and newspaper while I am away for a few days. Thanks!

  34. natalie goldeen says :

    the other day my amazing mother went all the way out to berkley just to pick up a prescription just for my grandma because she is an amazing 90 years old and its difficult for her to get around i love you mom and grandma<3 🙂

  35. natalie goldeen says :

    today i went to the store with my dad and there was a man asking for money outside so i decided to give him my loose change it wasnt much but its the thought that counts
    natalie goldeen

  36. Emily O(; says :

    Today , i wanted to go to the park . But my dad said i had to taake caare of my brother >.< i didnt complain i just did it , Because some people dont notice that your parents do everything for you WITHOUT complaining , Like right now they are getting you gifts & they have to work hard to get you what you want …….. Are they complaining about it ? NO 🙂

  37. Melissa says :

    We always forget to thank the important people in our life, and how much they make a different to us. I want to thank Mrs. Parker. She is such a kind person, and she would do anything for you! Whenever I’m having a bad day, or when I don’t understand something in class, Mrs. Parker always tries to help me, and I always look forward going to school because of her! She makes my afternoon!!

  38. Jeannine Cherepy says :

    Thank you to the CVHS choir for coming to DVMS and spreading some much needed holiday cheer. You are all so talented and your spirit and smiles brightened my day! It was just what I needed to get through a “friday before vacation” Also, to my fellow DVMS staff members – I appreciate the strength, the friendship, and the laughs that got us through this week.

  39. Christine Mitchell says :

    I volunteer weekly in the preschool at a domestic violence shelter, and recently learned that although they have plenty of donated toys to give the kids at their holiday party, they have virtually nothing to give the 22 women (who are generally very low-income) – due to donations being way down this year.

    I am overseeing some HS girls (Casey, Sarah, Emma, Brianna, Emmy, Monishaa and Emily) shopping for, and assembling, gift bags for the women – of lotion, nail polish, beauty items, etc. Happily accepting donations for this project :~) clmitchell8@hotmail.com

    The girls will also be helping with the holiday party and entertaining the children staying at the shelter.

  40. Just a person says :

    My husband and I were at 5 guys (It was our first time) A man and his son started talking to me and asked if we had ever been here. When I told him no he handed me some cajun frys to try. Then his son talked to me about school.
    I just thought how nice this father and son were. strangers just striking up a conversation and sharing their favorite frys.

  41. Wendy says :

    Ed Bryce, City of Clayton Maintenance Supervisor, is a very kind and thoughtful man. When he and his crew prune the roses in front of the library they bring them to our city offices, put them in vases and leave bouquets on each of our desks. Thanks Ed! You are the best! 🙂

  42. just another person says :

    I was having some trouble with my math homework one afternoon and I happened to see my math teacher about an hour afer school. She said hi to me and asked me how everything was goiung, and I replied with a yes, then quickly asked her if she could help me. She smiled and helped me A LOT!!! She made the problem so much clearer, and I ended up being able to finish it on my own. I thanked her and she told me that she was glad I asked.

    Some people are nice, and Mrs. Kaput is one of them. THANK YOU!!!! I couldn’t have fiished anything with out her.

  43. A Person says :

    Someone sitting by me lent me thier calculator. Thanks

  44. Ozzie says :

    My mom and brothers always take care of me.

  45. Ananymous says :

    I helped out onne of my teachers with math because she was subbing. She gave me a Do THe Right Thing braclet when she didn’t have to. Thanks Mrs. Parker.

  46. Theresa Bragg says :

    Kudos to the CVHS students who volunteered their services during and after Ms.;Claus Dessert Day. They came in groups, cleaned up, did elf service and smiled the whole time. Great to see our young kids “giving”. Proud to be a part of a community that is so caring. Merry Christmas.

  47. CVHSMom says :

    Thank you to all the volunteers that are working so hard this week to provide our kids and our teachers a delightful holiday week. Whether it be in the classroom, at the holiday parties, or serving up for a holiday teacher luncheon. THANKS to all the parents that give up their time and creativity to do this! Special kudos to Sherri O for the luncheon at CVHS today! A lot of planning, a lot of coordinating – will make for a great day for our teachers and staff. It is appreciated.

  48. Megan K says :

    The dishes fairy came last night! Our house cleaner is coming today and it’s always stressful to get the house picked up so she can clean. We had dinner late last night, so I left the dishes for this morning. I got up expecting the mess, and it was gone! Thank you Katie Kommer 🙂

  49. kevin says :

    what Jesus did on the cross for everyone of us was I think the greatest act of kindness and selflesssness that anyone could ever give. JOHN 3:16!

  50. Emily:) says :

    i helped my Mrs. Parker this morning by holding her box of christmas decorations for her classroom while she looked for her keys to the 700 wing in her purse. 😀

  51. MaryMac Propersi says :

    One night, I was watching TV and I realized that my parents have been working hard to take care of my family. I decided to help out my mom by cooking dinner and emptying the dishwasher and doing the laundry. When my mom found out, she was very proud of me and happy she didn’t have to do all of that.
    PS: I also cleaned my horribly messy room:)
    -Hannah Propersi

  52. CVHS Student says :

    Yesterday at school my friend shared his lunch with someone who didn’t have one.

  53. Tamara Aszklar says :

    I am thankful for my friend who was able to pick up my son from school on short notice. I really appreciate your willingness to help me out whenever I need it.

  54. Naame K. says :

    On Friday, members from my church and I went to peoples houses singing Christmas carols. The types of places we went to were nursing homes, friends houses, and one house we went to was of a nurse who takes care of patients at her house. Everyone loved it and it was so nice to bring joy to the sick clients

  55. Tamara Steiner says :

    Last night, I was setting up tables in the lobby of the library for the cookie contest. A young woman was sitting on the bench, apparently waiting for someone. I don’t know her, but she watched me for just a minute then said “Can I help you with anything?”
    Whoever she is…thank you!

  56. Theresa Bragg says :

    We have a Christmas Angel in our family. For the last several years she adopts families who cannot afford to have Christmas for their children. This year she has adopted a family of six children and another of two. She runs fund raisers, toy drops and any donation that others can provide. If anyone would like to assist just send a message through and we will make arrangements to pick up whatever you can offer. Our Christmas Angel, Janelle Hartman-Fry is one of the most giving people I know. God Bless her for her love of others.

  57. Theresa Bragg says :

    I am the grandmother of some very special kids. They have been working on the “Do the Right Thing” program and have been recruiting others to follow. Last week my granddaughter Lauren Bragg-Branscomb was driving from the movies when they observed a car driving all over the road. She immediately called the police and then stayed within a safe distance to be sure that the police could find them. The vehicle went onto incoming traffic and over a medium and because of Lauren’s diligence in keeping the police informed they were able to apprehend the driver. The officer commended Lauren on her keeping them posted and preventing them from injuring others on the road. Good job Lauren.

  58. anonomous says :

    Tonight, I came home before everyone else in my family. They were all at a basketball game that two of my sisters played in, and my dad coached. I was at basketball practice. When I came home, I made myselfa grilled cheese. I thought about how tired my sisters must be (one had to play two games) so I started to make all them dinner too. After three sandwiches, my sister came home and informesd me that my mom was getting dinner. At least we have extras for very hungry people!:)

  59. Ciera Cathcart says :

    one time for girl scouts we were selling cookies in front of safeway.. And i saw this homeless man. He didnt look homess but he was riding a bike & i felt bad. Becuase my leader said shes seen him there before & that he gose to the shelter sometimes. So some guy gave him a sandwich, So i went inside safeway & bought him a 3 liter bottle of coke & some chips & some fruit. He was also couildnt hear well & couldnt speak clearly. But all he said was i love coke. Thank you so much & hugged me. I felt so good after this.

  60. Kaitlyn says :

    One day I was at starbucks after school and there was someone in front of us and he didn’t have enough money to pay for his drink and the cashier pulled out five bucks and said “I got it you don’t have to worry.”

    I am so happy I live in Clayton and that we have the nice helpful people that we have living here! I love you Clayton!

  61. Zabi Z says :

    I was at a soccer field last spring and the school had no money to mow the lawn the lawn had came up to our ankles and every time I shot my feet would get tangled the coach on the OTHER team we were versing said thst is the school didnt cut the grass he would. The field was the size of our upper field in DVMS, yeah it was that big. after all the school did but i still thanked him for his kind comment :]

  62. joanne says :

    yesterday morning i saw a man and he was walking by an old lady with a ton on grocires and she dropped some and he helped her by picking them up and helping her to her car :)_ ❤

  63. Breanna Parsons says :

    Saturday I was with my friends Ivy and we were at Beverly’s and we just got done shopping and had everything we needed to make sock animals and there was this old lady in front of us getting ready to pay for her stuff when she realized she didn’t have enough money for what she was going to buy so me and Ivy thought for a second and we both decided to give her enough of our chores money for her to pay for all that she had to pay for. Even though we didn’t get everything we needed it was fun to see the smile on the old ladies face.:)

  64. Joanne says :

    Just about every morning I see the cutest couple riding their bikes all over Clayton (she in a yellow jacket, him in a blue). Today I crossed paths with them on the trail and realized they stop during their daily ride to pick up trash – thank you for keeping our trails so nice!

  65. Laurie Parker :) says :

    I really appreciated the phone call I received from my BFF last night to check on me to make sure I was feeling better. She’s always thinking of me and doing kind things to make my life better. I am blessed to have her in my life. 🙂 She’s an AWESOME friend!

    I am also grateful to my other friend for always helping me pick up my son every Wednesday from school. She doesn’t have to do this… she just does it because she is such a kind person. I really appreciate her too. 🙂

  66. Laurie Parker :) says :

    A BIG thank you to my husband and boys for their continued acts of kindness. Every morning I wake up…my hubby has the coffee made and every evening he helps with the dishes. He’s always thinking of ways to help me from filling up my tank of gas to doing the laundry. I really appreciate it. I am so blessed!

    My boys are always so helpful too. It was so nice to come home the other day to find the house clean…vacuumed and things picked up. WOW! 🙂 What a nice surprise. Thanks for your continued acts of kindness. 🙂 I am so proud of them!

  67. Mrs. Parker :) says :

    I just wanted to thank all of my students for always showing kindness. From helping to collect books/supplies for each other… to holding the door open with a smile. They are always sharing and supporting one another. They are always so willing to learn and give their best. I enjoy going to work everyday so much. In fact, one parent said she saw me driving to work with a smile on my face. Of course, I love my job!

    I also wanted to mention I received a thank you note from one of my students on Friday expressing appreciation for helping him. What a wonderful act of kindness…it made my day…week…year. How lucky am I? 🙂

  68. Pam says :

    Thank you to the 8 CVHS high school students who spent four hours here today preparing a demonstration of how to use the new emergency backpacks that will be donated to CVHS on Tuesday. It totally raised my disaster awareness and I learned a lot watching them rehearse their presentation.

  69. Tamara Aszklar says :

    We are adopting a family for Christmas. We have purchased gifts for a 2 year old boy so he can have a wonderful holiday. His brother and mother are also being adopted by my co-workers. This family will truly have a good Christmas!

  70. Tamara Aszklar says :

    My son spent his day off during Thanksgiving break to serve at a soup kitchen. He was so inspired and has signed up to do it again during Winter break. I’m so proud of him.

  71. Em says :

    Today at school my friend was not having a good day, so when I saw her sitting under the playstructure looking sad, I asked her what was wrong. She told me she was mad at her friend for something and walked away. when she came back, her friend was playing tetherball .I asked her if she wanted to play with me and my friend, she saifd yes. I think I made her feel much better! 🙂

  72. Jane McCallister says :

    Similar to Kristen, I am grateful to my friend for babysitting for me while I volunteer in my son’s classroom. Thanks for your kindness, Valerie!

  73. Jane McCallister says :

    I was at the Clayton post office yesterday ready to negotiate the door with my jogging stroller (it requires a 180 degree turn, a big backside push against the door, and then a quick dash inside before the door closes on the two-year old) when a nice gentlemen offered to hold the door for me. And then on the way out, a nice woman held the door for me again! (So, technically, this counts for two acts of kindness.) Thank you, kind strangers!

  74. MaryMac Propersi says :

    The other day I was with my 2 daughters at Shell in Clayton filling up my car when a woman sitting in her car next ours was honking her horn and waving what looked like a large card back and forth. My girls said “mom, she kind of scares us.” I looked around and saw that there was only a cashier in the tiny office. I told my girls to stay in the car and I went over to her. She was trying to get out of her car and was struggling. She was shaking and had a band-aid on her face. The card she was holding was a handi-cap plaque. I asked her if she needed help and she accepted. She had just began to realize that this particular gas station was not a full serve station and could have really used the assistance since she was having a tough time with her balance and her hands. I pumped the gas and helped her with her card. She was so grateful. When I drove on I started to cry and my girls were hugging me asking me why. I told them that I was sad because I almost ignored her. I almost didn’t care to ask. I am SO glad that I did:)

  75. MaryMac Propersi says :

    I came home the other night with my car full of groceries and my daughter Mia came out and asked me if I needed help unloading the car. She worked with me to do this and then took all of the food out of the bags to help me sort it. I was so proud and grateful because I was running late for a meeting that night:) I am very blessed!

  76. Khalida Kakar says :

    On December 07, 2011, I decorated one of the floors at John Muir Hospital to bring season’s happiness. I also made holiday cards both in English and Spanish for the patients on that floor. A hospital is not a good place to be, but when people bring you cards and little treats, it makes the patients feel a lot better and also make’s their day. 😀

  77. Debbie Donley says :

    Girl Scout Troop 31552, with girls at Pine Hollow and Diablo View, recently finished a needs-drive for the animals at the Martinez Animal Shelter. They collected blankets, towels, toys, leashes, newspapers, collars and cash donations. Today they took all the items to the shelter, which was very grateful for the goodies! The shelter is in need of newspapers and things to use as bedding for the pets. They can also take dry food, which they give to the pets of area homeless residents.

  78. happyanon says :

    A parent that volunteers with me at my childrens school turned up with hot chocolate for us yesterday, it was a very nice, delicious, surprise!

  79. scott roos says :

    john 3:16 says, “for GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever trusted in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” this is the kindest thing ANYONE has EVER done. and people dont even realize it. JESUS CHRIST was, is, and always will be the most important thing in my life. i hope people read this and agree.

  80. anonmouse says :

    My 4 year old son told me today that I’m really nice to him sometimes. That melted my heart. He also said earlier that “Daddy, you’re good to Mommy sometimes.”

  81. anonymous says :

    i really would like to thank Caitlin A. for helping me strive to do my best at sports.

    also, i would like to thank eryn d, ashley u, karyna m, and maris d, for being supportive friends 🙂

  82. Robbie says :

    While at my brother’s basketball game, I saw one of the parents jump up and sweep the entire court for the kids during halftime. The floor was pretty filthy, and the players were slipping. No one asked him to do it; He just did it for the kids. I don’t know how many people noticed or thanked him, but I thought it was really cool.

  83. Kaylee says :

    Me and my family adopted a family for Chritsmas to get them presents because they dont have enough money to buy them on their own.

  84. Kristen says :

    Thanks, Lisa, for always offering to give Jenna a ride to activity days!

  85. megankommer says :

    To the friends of Christmas For Everyone
    First – the thanks:
    Lara Delaney, Earl and Wendy Dunivan, Garaventa Properties/ Robert Hammons, Howard Geller, Laura Hoffmeister, Justin McRoberts, Cathy McRoberts, Dave Scola, Larry Sly, Philip Vince, Art Barrett, Kathryn Garms, Steve Wallace, Karen Ramos…and many more…
    Now the story:
    There aren’t enough words to describe what I, and the Christmas For Everyone (CFE) committee, felt when, after 26 years, our world seemed to be crumbling. We had been in the same building for 18 yrs and three weeks before we were to move in, we learned that we could not open our doors this year until 5 hours later than normal. We knew from experience that our many guests begin arriving very early in the morning (some as early as 2 am!), and that the later start would mean that many more hours that they could be in the cold (and possibly rain). We also knew that some guests would not be able to eat, shop, or get a gift, until several hours after dark. For those with young children or with disabilities, this could cause distress. We also were hesitant to ask our volunteers to work until late on Christmas night, as the majority of them have planned their day around the hours we have always been open.
    We needed to quickly find a new home for Christmas for Everyone…and we got underway with just one email to the CFE committee!
    Justin McRoberts, who has been an integral part of CFE since he was a little boy, started contacting all the churches with which he is associated. Howard Geller began calling his many realtor friends, as well as people he knew in city government. It was both unbelievable and not surprising to see the immediate reaction of our communities coming together to help one another. Thank you to both of you for all the hours you spent working on solutions for CFE.
    Our first phone call was from Lara DeLaney (City of Martinez), who had received one of Howard’s calls, and she said they were already working on this and to expect phone calls soon! Martinez was amazing… with the city manager Phil Vince, Dave Scola, and Lara all looking for a place for CFE. Earl & Wendy Dunivan responded with open arms. When I drove up to the Dunivan’s warehouse in Martinez, I was greeted with a hug from Wendy, and assurances that we could make this work. At the end of our meeting, Phil Vince said he wanted to volunteer with us this year – and I look forward to working with him. Martinez is my home and it was heartwarming to see my city go into such quick action in support of the CFE program!
    Laura Hoffmeister, the mayor of Concord, also started making calls. The vacant Home Expo was considered, and the owners contacted. They said that if the building had not been in the final few days of being sold we could have secured that building. Laura asked one of her staff to start looking for other places for us. Thanks so much for all of Concord’s efforts!
    Cathy McRoberts, Justin’s mother and another key member of our CFE family, made calls to all the people she knew that had property in our area, including Garaventa Properties. Robert Hammons (Garaventa Properties), searched through contacts for a location. Thank you for all those calls.
    Larry Sly, Executive Director of the Contra Costa/Solano Food Bank, thought he had secured a warehouse for us. However, the property owners thought it was just for storage and realized the usage permit wouldn’t allow the full range of services we provide on Christmas Day. We are very grateful for the consideration and the help provided by Larry!
    Justin McRoberts’ phone calls paid off as he found several churches willing to help us. Although there were many who would welcome us with open arms, it is very difficult for a business or church with the space and facilities that are needed, to let us “take over” for three weeks!
    However, one of those churches contacted, New Life Church, had facilities that could work… and the pastor, Art Barrett, has a heart for those in need. His congregation said they would willingly do what was needed to accommodate our needs, and were excited to work with us through this challenge. It was a pleasure to meet the pastor of this church and we hope to continue working with Pastor Art.
    Thank you to our committee member and great friend Kathryn Garms for working behind the scenes writing letters and making phone calls as she recovered from major surgery.
    To Steve Wallace, a huge thanks. He secured a portable kitchen as well as several restaurants to provide off site cooking facilities!
    Thanks to Cathy McRoberts and Karen Ramos, who have been my partners 25 years and whose hearts also beat for this project. They were as devastated as I when we received this news. Thank you for all the hours and stress you also carried during this venture. I have said that this is the year of testing… and how true that has proved. Thank you for the planning meetings and hanging in there through it all. Cathy said it all one night – that no matter what, we would do this together and we would make it work! Thank you for the days you spent looking at various buildings and to Karen for drawing diagrams for each possible option, as well as running many errands to keep our search going.
    As we faced a very uncertain 2011 Christmas, when we thought there was no way, God made a way for us. At the last minute, the church we have rented for 18 years decided they could do services on Christmas Eve and we could begin the Christmas program at the same time as always. This was truly the work of the hand of God. Our guests, volunteers, the CFE committee, and I thank them!
    I truly wish I could tell you how I feel in my heart about each of you and the warmth and comfort it gave to Cathy, Karen, and me as we realized how quickly all of you came to our rescue.
    I hope this is the most wonderful Christmas ever for you. Thank you again for your friendship and your support in this most important time for us, and for many, at Christmas For Everyone.

    Mary Perez, Executive Director
    Christmas for Everyone

  86. Jill Mercurio says :

    I took my daughters to Walnut Creek on Ice this evening. They incorrectly charged me for a family skate instead of just the two single tickets. They offered to un-do the charge and take care of it, but instead, I just gave the extra tickets to some other customers coming in.

  87. Someone who appreciates patient people says :

    For my grandmother’s birthday, we went to a really fancy restaurant. I know my grandma is a very anxious person, and it is hard for her to make decisions. I just really appreciated the kind waitress there, who helped my grandma patiently and, without frustration, was able to get her to decide on something. She treated my grandma with care and helped her have a wonderful birthday.

  88. A friend says :

    Annelise, thank you for helping me with math in class today, it means a lot to me that you care enough to give up a bit of your class work time to help a friend learn a bit of Algebra.

  89. A friend says :

    Thank you Celine H. For being an amazing friend. Even when you are down, you are ALWAYS sweet to everyone and add sunshine to my day. Thank you for being optimistic and always giving me great advice. Even when people said rude things to or about you, you can always find a way to forgive then.

  90. DVMS student says :

    Thank you Mr. L, for staying after school forty five minutes to explain to me math that I didn’t understand, even though you are no longer my teacher.

  91. Debbie Wood says :

    To Scott Anderson, thank you for taking awesome photos of the Clayton Valley High Water Polo Teams and the Basketball teams in action and setting up a web site so we can look at them! You take amazing action photos!

  92. Aaron Gonzenbach says :

    Crossroads Church gave seven food baskets to local families in need over Thanksgiving. They helped First Lutheran Church put on the “Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving” which provides meals for about 200 homeless in the area. They are helping sponsor Native Alaskan students at Alaska Christian College this month, and will be preparing Christmas baskets for families in need this season.

  93. M says :

    I’d like to thank Kim for always asking me how I am and complimenting me on my hair, it makes me feel very special and appreciated, even though she hardly knows me.

  94. Jill Mercurio says :

    A few days ago, at school, my daughter’s stomach was hurting her. So many people she didn’t know asked her if she was ok, then gave her advice on how to make it feel better (put pressure on it, drink water, eat lunch, ect.)

    So some people aren’t loosing their manners and general niceness!!

  95. Alice says :

    There was an 80ish year old lady in front of me at the cash register in Macys attempting to replenish what looked like her annual supply of under garments. The clerk told her it would be $182. and some change. The elderly lady gave her credit card to the clerk. I heard the clerk tell (not discretely) that her card had been declined. The lady asked if the clerk would try it again the decline must be a mistake. Again the clerk told her louder this time “the card is declined”. My heart sank for this elderly lady as she put her purchases down, took the card and placed it in her purse, and began walking away I could see in her eyes she was so embarrassed. I stepped up to the counter and discretely told the clerk to call the lady back, as I handed her my American Express, and told her not to say anything about me, but to tell her that the transaction was approved.
    $182. made all the difference in the world to this elderly lady to survive, I could tell by her smile. I am sure I made her day a happier one. She knew nothing of my involvement to save face for her so if you know her MUMS the word.

  96. Pat M says :

    My friend Debi and I passed out fliers this Sunday morning inviting people to come to the next Charter School hearing. We decided to pick up all the newspapers on peoples driveways and bring them to their door. We were both as stiff as boards by the end of the morning, but were still happy we did it!
    CV Teacher

  97. Marcy Vines says :

    My husbands company randomly changed their insurance policy in the middle of November to cover a piece of medical equipment that my son desperately needed now! Thank you for recoqnizing the gap in the policy and “doing the right thing” in November and not waiting for the start of a new year. Thank you for realizing that even small acts make a big difference in the lives of “Real People”.

  98. Kelly says :

    While talking with our dear friends, Kathy and Sara Williams, I commented on how cute the Christmas decoration in their cart was. An hour later my doorbell rang and the very same item was sitting on my porch! “Blingy” became our first official Christmas decoration since we had lost our decorations in a house fire. We will always remember this act of kindness.

  99. Kelly says :

    Our friend, LeeAnn, came to our home yesterday with a wonderful ornament. She knew I was trying to “rebuild” our Christmas tree supplies after losing almost all our decorations in a fire. This ornament will always have a story.

  100. Jill Mercurio says :

    Went to Starbucks this morning around 7, and watched half a dozen folks hold the door for the next person in/out – even that early in the morning! What a nice way to start the day.

  101. Madison Daniel says :

    I want to thank Mr. Kim for his kindness for taking me and Chloe out to the courts on the weekends and teaching us better tennis techniques. He also gave me one of his tennis rackets.

  102. Katia Bellini Daniel says :

    I started a new job yesterday and I went in for my first day of training. Upon waking up early to get myself and my kids ready for the day, I found a bouquet of flowers and breakfast waiting for me in the kitchen-a gift from my husband. He also packed me my lunch for the day. When I dropped my kids off at school my son stopped and said “I hope you have a great first day-good luck” before he raced out of the car. When I picked my son and daughter up from school they asked me about how my first day went and listened with real interest. It is so nice to have such a wonderful supportive family. Thanks guys-Love you!

  103. Caitlin says :

    worked at arf today

  104. Caitlin says :

    Went towrappresents forthe unfortunateyesterday with Drew Fagerlin, Makayla Hoppie-Pryce and Krista De Leon

  105. M says :

    One morning this past week, my mom had to go to a meeting, so I was dropped off at DVMS at 7:40 AM. My first period teacher walked past me sitting in the amphitheater and invited me out of the cold and into her classroom. Thank you so much for inviting me in and helping me learn the preamble to the constitution Mrs. P!

  106. Cathy says :

    My son peaked in my room this morning to see if I was awake and then scurried off to the kitchen. He returned minutes later w a freshly brewed cup of delicious coffee for me. He is the kindest , most thoughtful 12 year old in so many ways, and today was just one more example.

  107. Sharon says :

    I am blessed to have such an amazing daughter, she is kind generous and selfless.A while back we were driving and came to a stop light. A young man was standing there holding a sign, asking for food or money. I wanted to give him something, but realized I didn’t have any money on me. Maris took out her money and wanted to give it him. I told her she didn’t have to, that she had worked hard to earn it. She just looked at me and said, “he needs it more than I do.” I handed it to the young man and told him, that the money was coming from my 13 year old daughter, and asked that he put it to good use. He thanked her with tears in his eyes. Maris, you are AMAZING and I am proud to be your mom.

  108. Sharon says :

    Liane and Andy, THANK YOU for taking our kids on Saturday, so Steve and I could have an “in -home” date night. You guys have no idea how much we needed it, your timing was perfect.

  109. Sharon says :

    Heid, Ron and Emily, THANK YOU for helping me shuttle my kids ALL day Friday, your are AWESOME and sooooo APPRECIATED!!!

  110. Carol says :

    I was at Safeway in the check-out line and the lady behind me in line noticed that I had a package of ground beef and offered me her $1 off coupon to use because she wasn’t buying any. Thanks!

  111. Pam says :

    Thanks to the Boy Scouts from Troop 484 who are down in my backyard right volunteering their time to put together Search and Rescue/ Disaster kits for CVHS. I will bring you pizza!

  112. Jeannine Cherepy says :

    I just woke up to find a fresh pot of coffee that my husband made for me before he went to play golf … He doesn’t drink coffee so it was a selfless gesture

  113. CV student says :

    Somebody at school today, out of the blue, came up and told me I looked pretty. It was random, but really really sweet (: thanks!

  114. Hannah Kommer says :

    Tonight, it was Diablo View’s Winter Dance. It was also the one showing of my drama production. I wanted people to see, but unfortunately most of my friends were at the dance. Taylor Santos gave up her dance, and came to watch my play. I was very grateful.

  115. Amy Callahan says :

    My friend took my kids home from school today so I could finish up some work and when I said I was headed home she said the kids were fine and to go do some shopping instead of rushing over to get them.

    Then my brother took my kids to dinner so I could go on a date with my husband!

  116. Another teacher at DVMS says :

    To the 8th graders who never leave my class without saying goodbye and on Fridays, wishing me a good weekend – you have no idea how kind that is! Thank you!

  117. A Teacher at DVMS says :

    I’m proud to say that two of my students turned in $21 that they found on the classroom floor today. The money was returned to its owner. It was the money for her ticket to tonight’s 6th grade dance. Thank you, students, for doing the right thing!

  118. Susanne Renner says :

    I took the time to write a facebook note to someone I care about, telling them how much they mean to me….and asked them to do the same for someone they care about as well – with hopes that the domino effect would warm hearts that might need the extra love this time of year…..

  119. Kristen Simpkins says :

    Every Friday my friend watches my baby so I can volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class. Thanks Marisa!!!

  120. Cathy says :

    Huge KUDOS to Anna Chan, aka “the Lemon Lady” for feeding our hungry, and making lemons into lemonade. She’s on her way over to harvest the fruit from my overabundant orange tree to bring to the food pantries and a family who could really use some fresh fruit now. Do you have a fruit tree that can feed the hungry? Anna’s acts of Kindness are certainly an example to live by.


  121. Kristi says :

    I am helping my son and daughter-in-law this week – they just had #4 baby and asked me to come. I know I am the one being blessed just by being around my grandchildren – they are such a delight !!! What goes around comes around.

  122. Anon-E-Cat says :

    I discovered some feral kittens on my way to work a few months ago. I just stopped by their area this morning and fed them. One kitten let me pet them.

    On another note I belong to a Random Act of Kindness group, my latest RAK was that I sent some supplies to someone in need.

  123. Deborah says :

    One of our neighbors organized a “meals night” for another neighbor who is getting older. We are excited to bring dinner to their home as they exceptionally grateful and appreciative. It is wonderful to live in a community and a neighborhood that shows such caring!

  124. Coach Daniel Sullivan Assistant hurdels coach Clayton Valley High says :

    Do the right thing .Dr.Laura used to always say this on her radio show.How right on is that. I have coached St.Bonaventure Bulldogs CYO track for seventeen years and have had the honer of seeing these kids then run for Clayton valley.I have seen these kids grow to productive giving adults.Take time to listen to a teen .You may very well learn more from them than you will ever teach them.Do the right thing .

  125. Alyssa Kearney says :

    Cub Scout, Den 11 adopted 3 families to purchase Christmas presents for them. They agreed to donate $25 a piece, shop and deliver the presents.
    Way to go Den 11.

  126. Alyssa Kearney says :

    November 19th was the Basket Brigade. A group of Clayton High students dontated and packed food so struggling families in our area could enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Brianna Kearney, Sarah Owen, Casey Mitchell, Emmy Hurley, Melissa Olson, Greg Olson, and Maya Asregado spent their Sat. there. I am so proud of them.

  127. April Winship says :

    I found a Starbuck’s gift card on my cars dash board, left by my husband to remind me to take a break and indulge now and then. I am blessed!

  128. megankommer says :

    Our neighbor, Tim Llacuna, answered a desperate call for help this morning to get my sick alpaca into the back of my suburban to tranport him to help. He turned an extremely stressful situation into an example of compassion and support – thanks, Tim!

  129. Jill Mercurio says :

    When my daughter had crutches the week before Thanksgiving break, Dylan Chrisco patiently waited for her to get ready to go and helped her carry her stuff to P.E.

  130. Kristen Simpkins says :

    I had to go to Safeway today just for one item. As I was getting out of my car, I ran into a friend who had just finished shopping. She offered to wait in my car with my two young boys while I ran into the store. She probably thought it was no big deal, but I was so grateful to not have to unbuckle them out of their car seats, find a shopping cart they would both agree to ride in, stop by the bakery for their free cookies, etc. I was in and out of the store in three minutes which was a veritable miracle!

  131. Pam says :

    I just got my car washed at Circle K and they found paper and coin money under my mats which they left in my cup holder after they vacuumed.

  132. Heidi Ashworth says :

    A customer who comes into jour store brought me flowers from her garden recently–what a nice surprise!

  133. Pam says :

    Thank you to the teachers at Clayton Valley High School who looked over my student’s numerous college application essays before and after school for weeks on end.

  134. Cathy says :

    I was able to let a nice older lady take my turn at a very busy pharmacy, she was very worried she wouldn’t be back to pick her husband up in time as he was in the next building receiving some procedure. She was so grateful and her smile said it all.

  135. Marcy Vines says :

    Our teenage friend brought me flowers and a note yesterday to let us know she appreciated the positive example our family was to her. It’s nice to know
    our youth recognize “good” and can understand the lasting value it has.

  136. megankommer says :

    A shout out to the kind person who offered, without hesitation, to establish and help maintain this site!

  137. Joyce Glisson says :

    I was opening my back car door at Target when a man stopped and asked if he could put my large bag of dog food that was sitting in my cart into my car. He didn’t know but this was really kind since I broke my shoulder last spring.

  138. Helen Rike says :

    Troop 444 chartered through St. Bonaventure lent a hand to the community by helping the church distribute food for those in need. Those who came received all the fixings for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. The scouts help carry out the food and load it for the patrons. It really opened up the eyes to all individuals, especially the scouts that kindness and respect is free and can make the difference in the lives of our neighbors

  139. Julie says :

    My beautiful daughters saved and pooled their money for the last 6 months, and used it to sponsor a little girl in Kenya. I am SO PROUD of them!

  140. Beth Barney says :

    When my house/son was toilet papered, a kind person contacted me to let me know who did it. That way I was able to thank them for thinking of us and let them know what a great job they did.

  141. Rebecca A says :

    My Son assisted an Elderly woman in Lucky’s with an item off the top shelf that she couldn’t reach (he is a Sophomore @ CVHS). The woman was so happy for the help !

  142. Vikki Cantwell says :

    While spending a post-Thanksgiving afternoon in San Francisco I received a call that someone had turned in my debit card to the Wells Fargo that was a few blocks away. I didn’t even realize that I had dropped it so I had yet one more thing to be thankful for! It was very, very kind of someone to go out of their way to help me and if there’s any chance that you’re reading this I send you a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!

  143. Helen Coverdale says :

    Someone came over the Thanksgiving Break and swept all of the leaves behind the classroom!! What a nice surpise on Monday morning. Thank-you
    From room 3!

  144. Hank Stratford says :

    This past Saturday was the annual Scouting for Food service project. It was fun to see the boys passing out flyers during the week and then collecting food on Saturday. Some of the young cub scouts were pulling wagons as they went through the streets collecting food. I was impressed by the kindness shown by the scouts collecting food and by the kindness of the many residents that donated food.

  145. Vines says :

    My husband bought a used car for a foster child so they could get to work.

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