2013 Acts of Kindess

Have you ever experienced an unexpected act of kindness?  Whether you’re the recipient, the initiator or an uninvolved bystander, these actions warm the heart and are quite contagious.  Let’s see if we can capture this feeling on a blog.

The goal is to log as many acts of kindness during the months of November and December. Click on the comments link to the left here and share something nice you did, someone did for you, you observed or simply to be inspired by the stories of others.  Enjoy!

To learn more about Clayton’s Do the Right Thing initiative, click here: Clayton DTRT


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34 responses to “2013 Acts of Kindess”

  1. DVMS says :

    This morning I gave Almond Rocas to my friend that was hungrey and couldn’t get food.

  2. dvms says :

    I gave the fire department cookies

  3. dvms says :

    Someone dropped five dollar on the ground and someone else returned it to them.

  4. DVMS says :

    I helped my friend off the floor when he triped over a backpack.

  5. dvms says :

    I congradulated someone for winning a prize.

  6. DVMS says :

    I held open a door for someone.

  7. DVMS says :

    When someone droped their pen, I picked it up for them.

  8. dvms says :

    I found a phone on the field and returned it to the office.

  9. DVMS says :

    I held the door for someone.

  10. dvms says :

    I saw someone open the door for eveyone who was going into the 700 wing.

  11. DVMS says :

    I saw someone hold the door for a larddutty.

  12. DVMS says :

    When my friend was out of school sick for a week, so I got all of her homework she missed and gave it to her.

  13. DVMS says :

    I opened the door for someone.

  14. DVMS says :

    I saw someone take their time out of class to help afterschool, cleaning desks.

  15. DVMS says :

    I toke a puppy that was on th street loaded with fleas and mange.

  16. DVMS says :

    I helped my five yerar old sister get dreesed and ready to go.

  17. DVMS says :

    In 6th grade my teacher gave me $20 for lunch.

  18. dvms says :

    I loaded the dishwasher and washed the laundry

  19. dvms says :

    I saw someone give homeless person cooked food

  20. DVMS says :

    I opened a door for a elderly person.

  21. dvms says :

    i picked something up that someone dropped

  22. DVMS says :

    I helped my litlle brother to do his homework.

  23. DVMS says :

    I helped my mom by doing my little brother hair.

  24. dvms says :

    Someone dropped their stuff and i helped them pick it up

  25. DVMS says :

    My friend fell and cut her knee so I helped her clean it up.

  26. dvms says :

    My freind and i saw a 10 dollar bill on the floor and we returned it to the office.

  27. Veronica says :

    We visited a care home with my husband dressed in our costumes, nothing brings me more joy than to see the residents big smiles and laugh.

  28. Christine says :

    A conversation about Thanksgiving, traditions, and holidays with a lovely senior citizen (while drying our manicures) led to our exchange of phone numbers. My new friend will be joining us at our Thanksgiving table.

  29. Michelle says :

    One of my clients, Lou DiMaggio, appreciated the fact that I helped him with his eviction of an abusive tenant, and he noticed that Kyra was playing on a keyboard. He said that with her level of play, she should have a real piano. The next thing I knew was that he had bought her a piano, and he had it delivered on Friday. She is so happy with it, and it was such a lovely gesture. Our next act of gratitude will be to have him over for his own personal recital.

  30. Susanne says :

    over the weekend, Chip and I were having dinner at Guadalajaras – There was a group of teens, 14 of them, sophomores and juniors from Crondolet and De LaSalle having dinner. More to this story ( kinda lengthy) I decided to buy them churros for dessert (under the radar) but the waiter decided in return he would have them all thank me at once, with a big loud thank you. I shared what I appreciated about them (how such a big group who was having fun were so respectful and kind) and it lead to a bit more of a conversation, that gifted me in return for that exchange!

  31. Jeanette Bredehoft says :

    My friend was at Costco in line behind an elderly woman who tried to pay for her two items with a credit card. When the woman found out that Costco doesn’t take credit cards, she counted her money and didn’t have enough, so my friend helped her pay for one of her items. Upon seeing this, the Costco cashier paid for the other item, which was her chicken dinner.

  32. A CV student says :

    Last night after the football game, a couple of my friends and I went to Ed’s and when we asked for the check the waitress said it had been paid. It made our night that our teacher picked up our tab for us!!

  33. Susanne Renner says :

    driving down concord blvd in morning commute leads to the poor cars on the side streets being stuck for long periods of time in order to cross into traffic. This morning I slowed down and then stopped to allow for 3 cars to enter…it took a matter of less than a minute for them to all get through – a minute for which they were grateful and each gave me a wave!

  34. Megan says :

    My technical backbone, Cathy, thanks again for joining me in this endeavor!

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